What size should i order?

At BlackRosesCollection we really pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible when it comes to our items. ALL of our items fit TRUE to SIZE, feel free to order the size you normally wear in that item. Also keep in mind exchanges are available at no cost should you need a size up or down. Should you have any concerns or need any further information regarding the sizing of your items PLEASE reach out to us via email & we will gladly assist you. 

How long will my item take to ship?

At BRC, ALL of our clothing goods ( shirts, jackets, pants, hoodies) etc.. are held & shipped out of our warehouse here in NY, USA 

This means our clothing comes with the following estimated shipping times:
US shipping times: 2-4 business days.
World Wide expedited shipping times: 6-12 days

ALL of our Shoes + Accessories ( jewelry, hats, shoes ) will ship out of our overseas warehouses. 

This means our Shoes + Accessories come with an estimated shipping time-frame of 12-20 days worldwide. 

We kindly request your much appreciated patience for your item(s) arrival.

If you've payed for expedited shipping on Shoes + Accessories & are not satisfied with the shipping speed on your items, kindly contact us via support@shopblackroses.com & we will refund your shipping fee's. 

Should you need any assistance with tracking your updates & or request any updates regarding your order, kindly send us an email via support@shopblackroses.com for quick assistance.

How can i track my order?

When you receive a shipment notification via SMS or EMAIL for your order we provide you with a tracking number. As soon as your order is done processing you can use the tracking number we've sent to you and paste it into the Shipping/Tracking page right on our website. Or simply click onto the number. If you are having any trouble tracking your items PLEASE feel free to send us an email via Support@shopblackroses.com for a quick response and we will gladly help provide you with any available updates regarding your order. 

Where do you ship to?


If i live out of the U.S. do i have to pay extra shipping fee's ?

No! Any extra shipping costs for out of country orders are on us!! Our standard shipping rate of 5.99 is applicable to all of our designated shipping zones! 

How can i become a model/ rep for BLACKROSES?

We've been getting an overwhelming amount of requests to rep/model our products. This is AWESOME! we are always looking to connect with new, and creative people. We encourage you to get our attention! Join the BLACKROSES community on our social media pages @BlackRosesCollect and use the hashtag #BlackRosesCollect to tag us with your content/ideas! P.S. we love seeing our customers rocking their items! feel free to share pictures of your items on social media and we will feature you on our pages!!